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With over ten million people living in the metropolitan Chicago area, it is easy for someone to blend into the crowd and appear harmless. As licensed private investigators, we know first hand how dangerous it can be to go without a background check and assume that someone in Chicago is harmless.

If you need to learn the truth about someone in Chicago Illinois, ASG has a Chicago background check that will help you to protect yourself and your interests! At ASG we have a nearly limitless number of Chicago and Illinois criminal, civil and other highly informational records available to us. These records will reveal valuable information about someone in Chicago whose background you are interested in. Accordingly, each of our Illinois background checks is unique.

In Chicago Illinois, it is very important to realize that the term Chicago Background Check is a very generic one.

There are many companies that claim to provide Chicago Background Checks or Illinois Background Checks that are not private detectives. These companies, known as Data Brokers, claim to be able to tell you about Chicago criminal records, Illinois criminal records and many other types of information, but the reality is that they sell you more disclaimers about the limitations of their information than actual information.

What we at A.S.G. consider to be a true Chicago background investigation is far more detailed, accurate and informational. We do not rely on simple databases for the simple reason that, in Illinois, much of the real information needs to come from people, not government computers.

We hit the streets, talk to sources in Chicago and elsewhere in Illinois and get you the best and most reliable information we can. Each of our Illinois background checks is different by design and our investigators will work to ensure that we tailor our investigation to your needs. We provide you with more than just the easy to find information.

A.S.G. is the BEST source for an accurate Chicago Background Check. Call us today and discuss your needs with an investigator at 888-677-9700.

Illinois Background Check Experts A.S.G. Chicago Background Check Services: Comprehensive background check and Illinois criminal record search specialists.

We provide our background search clients with the same sources of information that we use in all of our investigations, including those for attorneys, insurance companies and government agencies. We will not use short cuts or gimmicks when conducting your Illinois background investigation. Our clients are those businesses and individuals who cannot afford to waste their time or money working with a firm that provides more excuses and false negative results than real information. When you need a Chicago background check done correctly, ASG is the investigative agency for you. If, on the other hand you are looking for the lowest price or for the super instant result, remember that you get what you pay for!

We provide our Chicago background check and Illinois background check for employers, attorneys and individuals alike. If you are an employer, please visit our employment page for a more detailed description of how we can assist you.

What can you learn from a Chicago Illinois Background Check performed by A.S.G.?

  • Chicago and Illinois Criminal Records
  • Illinois Incarceration Information
  • Chicago Convictions
  • Alias(es) Used in the past
  • Bankruptcy Filings
  • Relatives
  • Past & Present Illinois Addresses
  • Someones Real Age
  •  Lawsuits in Chicago and Illinois
  • Neighborhood Profiles
  • Judgments & Tax Liens in Illinois
  • Illinois Corporate Ownership
  • Illinois Professional Licenses
  • Illinois Sex Offenders
  • Real Property Ownership in Illinois
  • Internet Domain Name Ownership
  • Chicago U.C.C. Filings
  • and More!


Something that is rarely shared by most Chicago pre-employment screening and Illinois background check firms:


Each state and city, including Illinois and Chicago, has different rules governing how they record criminal activity and convictions. With so many procedures and types of data out there, there is no single place to go to get criminal history information on a national basis.

Even the federal government does not have a complete history of all state law violators. If another company is offering you this type of search, please understand that they have invented their own “national” criminal history search. At the very best, this is unreliable, inaccurate and incomplete. In our opinion, the only thing that you are guaranteed to get out of this vendor is their laughter as they charge your credit card.

Background Check services

We have designed several different Illinois background check packages for you to choose from depending on your required level of depth. Each is tailored to meet your specific needs and to save you money. If you find that any of these will not meet your needs or you would like additional information, do not hesitate to call one of our investigators today. We can customize each Chicago back ground check to accommodate your specific needs.

  • Basic Chicago or Illinois Background Investigation (includes all of the following)

    Flat Rate: $ 175.00
    1. Search for a complete residence history
    2. Confirm or locate Date of Birth
    3. Locate others living at or associated with their residence
    4. Illinois Criminal History Search
    5. U.S. Bureau of Prisons Search
    6. Illinois Sex Offender History
    7. Illinois Incarceration History Search
    8. Identify Aliases Used
  • Intermediate Chicago or Illinois Background Investigation (includes all of the following)

    Flat Rate: $ 435.00
    1. Search for a complete residence history
    2. Confirm or locate Date of Birth
    3. Locate others living at or associated with their residence
    4. Illinois Criminal History Search
    5. Federal Prison Record
    6. Illinois Sex Offender History
    7. Illinois Incarceration History Search
    8. Identify Aliases used
    9. U.S. Bureau of Prisons Search
    10. Current National Wants and Warrants Search
    11. Law Enforcement Canvass (for police contact at or near their residences)
    12. Civil and Criminal Circuit Court Record Search (Copy cost not included)
    13. Federal Litigation history Search
    14. Bankruptcy Filing Search
  • Advanced Chicago or Illinois Background Investigation

    Flat Rate: $ 875.00

    Our Advanced Illinois Background Check encompasses everything found in our Intermediate background check and much, much more. Please call and speak with one of our investigators about the details of the Advanced package. If you have a search requirment that we did not address in one of our packages, please contact our office to discuss those needs with a private investigator.

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