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New York Background Investigation

New York is known as the Big Apple. It is one of our country's most distinguishable states, and that is just due to New York City.

The state itself is fairly large, and its borders actually touch two of the great lakes, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. The state of New York is not only home to the world famous NYC, but it is also home to vast, beautiful expanses of woodlands and mountains, making it not only a popular place to visit, but a popular place to live.

Over 8 million people live in New York City alone, but statewide there are about 20 million people living there, making it the third most populated state behind Texas and California. The state has the largest population of Dominican and Puerto Rican people in the country. As an employer, you want to make sure your employees are certified, legal citizens of the United States. While America is certainly known as a melting pot, itís important that your business is protected from illegal immigrants. A background check from A.S.G. is just what you need to make sure your New York employees are legal and safe to hire.

New York is considered the very center of banking and finance for all of the United States. With the stock market located there as well as many different huge company headquarters, worldwide leaders, and important places of business, employers in New York want to be sure they hire people with good, clean backgrounds who can be trusted with important information. New York is a state rich in resources. Besides NYC, there are many locations for mining, agriculture, and manufactured goods which make New York an important part of the American financial landscape. A.S.G. can offer your company comprehensive and custom tailored background checks so you know youíre getting the most accurate and informative report possible before making any decisions.

A.S.G. is your BEST source for an accurate New York Background Investigation. Call us today and discuss your needs with an investigator at 888-677-9700.

We have designed several New York background investigation packages for you to choose from depending on your required level of detail. Each NY background investigations is designed to get you the informaiton you need and to save you money. If you find that any of these packages will not meet your needs or if you require additional information, do not hesitate to call one of our investigators today. We customize packages in New York upon request.

  • Basic New York Background Investigation (includes all of the following)

    Flat Rate: $ 225.00
    1. Search for a complete residence history
    2. Confirm or locate Date of Birth
    3. Locate others living at or associated with their residence
    4. Statewide Criminal Court Record Search (County Level)
    5. U.S. Bureau of Prisons Search
    6. New York Sex Offender History
    7. New York Incarceration History Search
    8. Identify Aliases Used
  • Intermediate New York Background Investigation (includes all of the following)

    Flat Rate: $ 485.00
    1. Search for a complete residence history
    2. Confirm or locate Date of Birth
    3. Locate others living at or associated with their residence
    4. Statewide Criminal Court Record Search (County Level)
    5. New York Sex Offender History
    6. New York Incarceration History Search
    7. Identify Aliases used
    8. U.S. Bureau of Prisons Search
    9. Current National Wants and Warrants Search
    10. Law Enforcement Canvass (for police contact at or near their residences)
    11. Civil and Criminal Circuit Court Record Search (Copy cost not included)
    12. Federal Litigation history Search
    13. Bankruptcy Filing Search
  • Advanced New York Background Investigation

    Flat Rate: $ 875.00

    Our Advanced New York Background Check encompasses everything found in our Intermediate background check and much, much more. Please call and speak with one of our investigators about the details of our Advanced Investigation.

About Background Checks

We always tell our clients that the term New York Background Check is a very generic one.

A background check can consist of many types of searches from a multitude of different sources. Because many people have little or no experience hiring a firm to conduct a NY background investigation, they are not familiar with what a firm like ours can do.

Unfortunately, with many types of records available and a lack of understanding of our abilities, many websites have been established that sell background checks which are absolutely worthless for their clients. These companies are known as Data Brokers and they claim to be able to tell you about New York criminal records and many other types of information, but in reality they sell more disclaimers about what they cannot do than actual information. These companies usually have a low price, offer instant answers and do not have a telephone number for you to call to speak with someone. They cannot and do not provide you with any actual human review of the information they are selling you. Further, many are not licensed and they are often not even private investigators. Buyer Beware!

What we at A.S.G. consider to be a true New York background investigation is far more detailed, more accurate and more informational than anything a data broker can provide. We do not rely on databases alone for the simple reason that, in a state like New York, much of the real information you need comes from sources like people, not computers. Our investigators can hit the streets, talk to sources in New York and elsewhere to get you the most reliable information available.

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