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Dallas Computer Forensics ExpertDallas, Texas is home to some of Americas premier technology, oil and services companies. Within the greater Dallas / Ft. Worth area there are millions of people working on computers each day. For attorneys with cases involving businesses in Dallas, that means there are millions of people in Dallas creating miles of computer evidence available for discovery by a quality computer forensic expert. A.S.G. is your premier choice for a Dallas Computer Forensics Expert. We can help you to gain access to that mountain of evidence and take it from raw information into evidence that you can use in court.

Advanced Surveillance Group’s Computer Forensic Investigations Experts specialize in conducting an exhaustive, detailed and accurate investigation of information derived from computers in Dallas, Ft. Worth and beyond.

As licensed Texas private investigators, we approach our Dallas computer forensics cases like we do with any type of investigation. Our investigative approach is not one used by many other “computer experts” many of whom have the idea that an “investigation” is relying on their forensic software to find your data. We utilize computer forensic software too, and this software is essential to our work, but it does not think for us nor does it replace the need for sound investigative logic. It is our belief at Advanced Surveillance Group that the most important element of a computer forensic investigation is our investigative mindset, training and investigative approach to every computer forensic case. This investigative approach gives our clients a very real advantage and many of our clients in Dallas, as well as those they are opposing, are shocked to learn what we can find on a computer hard drive. Our electronic evidence findings often include things that were thought to have been deleted or reportedly “never existed”.

Another great advantage we offer in terms of Texas computer forensics is the simple fact that we are Texas licensed private investigators, not just computer forensic experts. As a matter of law, anyone who is engaged in developing or working with computer forensic evidence in Texas MUST be licensed by the State per chapter 1702 of the Texas Occupational Code. In your search for the right computer forensic expert, make sure to get their private investigator license number before engaging them.

Our computer forensic investigations can recover electronic evidence from the following types of devices:

  • Hard Drives
  • Back-up Storage Media
  • Databases
  • E-mail Servers
  • Web Servers
  • Internet Sites
  • Personal Digital Devices (Blackberries and cellular telephones)
  • Digital Cameras
  • Zip Drives
  • Fax Machines
  • Digital Answering Machines

We have assisted Texas businesses and Dallas area attorneys in locating computer forensic evidence from these types of devices in an assortment of cases including those involving the following: Software infringement, fraud, breach of contract, embezzlement, Trademark infringement, copyright infringement, conspiracy, child pornography, trade secret misappropriation, data theft, data misappropriation, stalking, asset location, wrongful termination, age discrimination, sexual harassment.

When results matter, choose a computer forensic expert in Dallas, Texas that will get you all the information possible and can hold up as an expert in court.

We have two locations in metro-Dallas to serve you.

Texas Private Investigator License Number A13765

Advanced Surveillance Group

Dallas Office

14785 Preston Road, Ste 550
Dallas, TX 75254

Please call us today to speak with one of our Dallas computer forensic experts at 888-677-9700

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