Private Client Services

When personal matters affecting ones family, safety or marriage arise, ASG is a trusted source to discreetly provide the information you need to make important decisions.

Attorney Services

Complex legal matters often require expert investigative resources. ASG has over 15 years experience working for counsel engaged in complex legal matters requiring true expertise.

Corporate Services

Expert professional investigations that help HR, corporate counsel, risk management and corporate security with proactive and reactive corporate investigations.

Background Checks

ASG is a leader in background checks for employment, due diligence, risk management and private decision making. We provide exceptional depth or research and detail.


Advanced Surveillance Group is your trusted private investigative partner in providing exceptionally comprehensive information and evidence gathering. Bucking the trend of having investigations as just one of many other services offered, we are experts at one thing, being the gold standard in information gathering. Our clients can rest easy knowing that they have entrusted their matter to a firm that will deliver results beyond their expectations, represent them in a professional manner and do so discreetly and confidentially.

In short, we are a bridge between what is readily known and what needs to be uncovered to make the most informed decisions, every time. As a true industry leader, we have earned a reputation for consistently delivering the intelligence that sophisticated clients require to make better decisions.

Each of our specialized divisions of our investigative agency is designed and staffed to serve the specific, unique needs of each sector of our substantial and diversified client base, which includes law firms, corporations, business owners, investment firms and private individuals. What they all share is our optimized system of investigations, which produces superior results more consistently and more quickly.

At its core, ASG is a corporate investigative services agency. Our Corporate Services team not only has tremendous experience assisting corporate clients to mitigate their risks and damages when things go wrong, we are a pioneer in providing new and unique services that help reduce costs and better serve a wider variety of stakeholders. Our corporate clients, ranging from HR to corporate counsel to security and risk management have a go-to resource who not only gets the job done, but who also works in a manner that assures everyone that the job will done correctly and without creating any new issues or concerns.

The Attorney Services group at ASG works strictly for attorneys and represented clients. This unit is experienced in a wide variety of investigative litigation support roles. Our clients in the legal field benefit over and over from our almost unrivaled ability to get the information and evidence that can make the difference.

Our Private Client Services division focuses on cases for private individuals and families. These services often help to bring forth the truth in matters that are very personal and painful to the client, and which need to be handled with the discreetness and privacy that ASG is known for. When you need the truth and want to end the fear and anxiety of the unknown, call us.

We hope that you can take advantage of the value our services provide and see why we have earned our reputation as one of America’s leading private investigative agencies. We look forward to exceeding your expectations time and time again.